Competitions- where to start

Competitions- A new found love.

Since being on maternity leave after having my daughter in December last year. I have been introduced to a new world of entering competitions. It is a really fun and exciting way to get the things you would like.  I have been able to meet many new friends in the comping world via Facebook and twitter. There is a really friendly atmosphere in some of the competition groups on Facebook.

Here are some friendly groups to join if you don’t know where to start. (Just type these group names into facebook and add yourself then wait for admin to authorise)

  • Competitions and winner announcements
  • competition Winners
  • cumbria Compers
  • free items and deals
  • catch that prize
  • PrizelandPicks
  • Compers covern
  • competitions uk

These groups are great as members share various competitions with each other and its easy to enter. Members also share winners so sometimes if you miss a win someone may tag you.

Twitter competitions- There are hundreds of competitions on twitter lots of simple ones which just require you to RT and Follow. To find competitions easily try typing keywords into the search box here are some to get you started:

#win       # competition      #Giveaway     #Freebiefriday


Make sure to read each post carefully as some require you to tweet or reply. There may also be a link to the competition in their post so be sure to check. Another thing to do is communicate with companies as sometimes this can be an advantage when entering a competition. Also don’t just RT make sure you interact with others on twitter so you don’t get filtered out as spam .

Daily entry Competitions-Instant wins


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