For coffee lovers

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee‚̧

I was recently able to try some amazing filter coffee courtesy of The Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company. I won this in one of their Facebook competitions. I was sent three different varieties.

  • Kenya -light medium roast
  • Java -medium dark roast
  • Columbian -medium roast

The coffee I am reviewing today which is my favourite is the Columbian roast. It comes¬†perfectly sealed in gold packaging and is air sealed for freshness. The bag has 227g (8oz) in so is of standard size for filter coffee. If your a coffee lover like myself then quality is important. Let me tell you this does not disappoint. It has a distinctive rich aroma which smells divine whilst it is brewing in the cafetiere. It tastes as delicious as it smells too. This is a great morning coffee as it’s medium strength just what I need to wake me up in the morning with having a 3 little ones. It is a luxury.


I wanted to share this great value product with yourselves as wouldn’t want you to miss out. why not visit the Facebook page

or website

and try it for yourselves.

Enjoy x