0Bringing communities together with The #BigCoopClean 

Today I want to talk about a fantastic initiative that the lovely people at Coop came up with for the co-operatives fortnight event being the Big Coop Clean.

It Ran from the 18th June to 2nd July and was a great way to remind people about how to work together #Co-operate. Co-op’s up and down the country took part and the ethos was for people to come together to achieve more and make a difference in communities.

Personally, I think this is a fantastic way of bringing people together whilst doing something positive for their community. 

There are lots of fun pictures of people enjoying the fun of this event on twitter why not take a look using #BigCoopClean. There you may get some inspiration on how you too can get your gloves on and get doing your bit.

Even the kids want to be involved. Here’s my boys wanting to get to work.

This camapign has given me inspiration to help with the clean up of a beautiful space in my area. Here are some picture of our beautiful open space the local playing field where my children love to play.

Although, we love this space some people don’t respect the space and have dumped rubbish and littered the space. So we as a family are getting ready to do our bit by having a clean up. We just waiting for a dry weekend to get started. The kids can’t wait as they love to be little helpers. 

So a Big Coop Clean thank you to the Co-op for inspiring us to do our bit for the community.

Take a look at The Co-op (@TheCooperative): https://twitter.com/TheCooperative?s=09
Thanks for reading.

Cathy x


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