Superb clean with the new Oral-B Smart Series 4000 3D White

Nowadays everyone seems to want a whiter brighter smile and there seems to be a stream of advertisements for tooth whitening and whitening toothpastes which claim to give these results on T.V, online and in magazines.

The real importance when it comes to Oral hygiene is looking after our teeth as our adult teeth need to last us our lifetime. Also its really important to have a good dental regime as bad dental hygiene and gum disease can impact on our general health and have been linked to increased risk of heart disease and strokes which is scary.

Anyhow, on a lighter note I wanna tell you about an amazing new toothbrush from the Oral-b’s new Smart Series range.

I was lucky enough to recieve a new Oral-B Smart Series 3D White Electric toothbrush as part of a savvy circle trial.(Want to know more about savvy circle check out my product reviews page and the link is on there).

THE Oral-B Smart Series 3D White Electric Rechargeable toothbrush

R.R.P £119.99.

So what’s so great about this brush? Well, this is by far the best electric toothbrush I have ever had and the results are great. 


  • Bluetooth connectivity- connect to the Oral-B app to monitor cleaning
  • 3 cleaning modes. Daily clean, sensitive and Whitening
  • Dentist inspired round brush head.
  • Pressure sensor-which illuminates red when brushing too hard
  • Rechargeable 

This toothbrush is a clever little device with the Bluetooth connectivity and Oral-B app you can easily monitor your dental regime. The app is so easy to use and gives you hand hints and tips. It has a timer so you can see when your 2 minutes brush time is done.

It also saves your activity as you can see in the picture

Using the app is reallt fun and easy to use but if you find its not for you then you don’t need to use this feature as the brush vibrates at 30 second intervals with a final longer vibration to let you know when your brush time is complete. The red sensor will illuminate when your brushing too hard to let you know, this has been a standard feature on most oral-B brushes for a few years.

My favourite thing about this brush is how clean my teeth feel after using and I can definately notice a difference in the whiteness since using. It comes with 2 brush heads and my favourite is the dentist inspired round head as it seems to Polish teeth well especially when using the whitening mode. 

I’m really impressed with this brush and the results and for me there is no going back to a manual brush.

If your thinking about purchasing an electric toothbrush then this may be for you. I hope my review helps. Any questions drop me a message?

The Oral-B smart Series 4000 3D is available to buy now and is half price on Amazon at present at £59.99 (price correct today 05.07.16)

Here is the link take a look

Thanks for reading 

Cathy x


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