Super Snacks for Little Super Heroes from Kiddylicious!

Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is about treats for the little people in our lives. I personally find it can be really hard to beat temptation sometimes, especially when shopping with the kids as supermarkets cleverly market sweet treats and chocolate on the end aisles to attract our children and draw them in.

I must admit I do allow my children small amounts of these types of treats but do try to avoid giving then too much chocolate and sweets. I don’t know about you but I find my l self constantly looking for healthier alternatives that they will enjoy and find these are not as well advertised. However, at times it can be difficult and sometimes for a quiet life I give in to avoid the temper tantrums with sugary snacks as I’m sure other parents do.

So when Kiddylicious Sent me some snacks to try from their new Super Snack range I couldn’t wait to get the kids to try them.

Super Snacks for Little Super Heroes

Super Snacks by Kiddylicious are a new ‘super’ snack that is aimed at toddlers and young children. They are a savoury crisps type treat for kids that are made of pulses and grains and are a nutritious snack packed with good stuff.  

Super Snacks Quinoa Crisps are made with the super grain Quinoa and the Super Snacks Lentil Crisps variety are made with the super food lentils. Both are a great source of protein and are great at releasing energy slowly to keep them fuller for longer and keeping them active with energy so win, win! Finally,a product that is nutritious and not packed with sugar.
Super Snacks sour cream & chive Lentil Crisps

These went down a real hit with 2 of my children amelie 17 months and jacob 7. My other son Toby won’t eat any crisps at all so wouldn’t even try them which is a shame. These were jacobs favourite he loves the sour cream & chive flavour, it isn’t overpowering and is a real tasty snack. In Jacob’s words “these are lovely and crunchy mummy can we buy some more” Amelie also enjoyed these too here are some pictures of them munching on their yummy super snacks.

As you can see the packaging is great too appealing to the kids with the superhero characters displayed on the packet. The bag size is a generous snack sized portion with plenty to go around, so us adults can try a few (remember its good to share).

Super Snacks Quinoa Crisps

Surprisingly Amelie my youngest preferred these. The are quite plain in flavour and are similar to a well know square crisp on the market but they have all the goodness of Quinoa. I’m really happy to have introduced such a super grain to my kids in a convenient nutritious snack. 

Overall I am really pleased that Kiddylicious have introduced this range as they are perfect for little ones. I look forward to seeing if they expand the range with further flavours and more choice but for now I’m more than happy. So look out for Super Snacks in the supermarket why not give them a try I’m sure you will love them too.

Remember they are For 12 months +

Available at Asda, Ocado, Waitrose, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Savers and Boots RRP £0.70

See the full range at  

Thanks for reading and let me know if your a Super Snack Hero
Cathy x


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