Tiger stripes we either love them or hate them.

Hi everyone,

Today’s blog is about a topic that most of us mums can relate to. It’s the way our body changes significantly during and after pregnancy. One of the things we often worry about is developing stretchmarks. I know when I was having my first son J I tried every lotion and potion to try and avoid them but in reality I was always going to get them as my skin was just like my mum’s and she had them from her pregnancies. So I embraced the change in my body and am proud to say my tiger stripes (stretchmarks) are a reminder of how I had my 3 beauties.

That said the appearance can be unsightly and I have found myself trying to hide my stomach especially when on holidays etc, so tried products such as bio oil to reduce the appearance.

Then 3 children later after ammy was born I was given the opportunity to try a new product on the market by the lovely people at Salcura. One of my favourite brands. I say this as I have used many of their skincare products already and trust this brand because their products are specially developed and kinder to skin.

So I want to share with you all what I have found after using this range for the last month.

Stretch Mark Therapy
Gotu Kola & Wild Rose Stretch Mark Oil
(r.r.p £16.99)


This is the oil it comes in a 30ml bottle with a pipette for easy application. I found the oil to be very light and a non-greasy formula which easily absorbs into the skin. You only need to apply a small amount for great coverage over skin. I love this oil because it has a mild floral scent which isn’t overpowering and leaves my skin smelling divine. My verdict is that this oil is the best i have tried as it leaves my skin feeling smoother and better nourished. I have found especially on my breast tissue I have had a vast improvement and my skin looks more healthy  and definitely firmer. The oil is a little more expensive than others on the market but all factors considered i think it is worth paying extra given the results. I think this is a beauty must for mums to be or anyone with tiger stripes that need some care and attention.

The second product I tried was the
Rose Hip & Green Bean Stretch Mark Cream.
(r.r.p £19.99)


This comes in 85ml tub and again has a lovely mild aroma. It has a light creamy formula which is easily absorbed into the skin. I use this after bathing in the evening in conjunction with the oil to make my skin feel subtle and smooth. This is luxury in a tub and a product I will continue to use as I am delighted that it has reduced the appearance of my stretchmarks as the range claims to do.

“Salcura’s Stretch Mark Therapy Range helps to reduce the visibility of stretch marks by up to 72%”

But more importantly it has made the condition of my skin much healthier in appearance. I know I will never be totally rid of my tiger stripes as they are part of me and are a gentle reminder of my 3 beautiful children but my body now feels closer to how it did before my children and I’m confident within my skin.

Thank you Salcura for developing the range and I hope you continue to develop amazing products which really do make all the difference.

Visit the Salcura website and get yours today look out for the great offers and discounts too.


Now it’s competition time

To win a product from the range enter here via gleam.

Entries close 29.02.16.

Good luck

Cathy x


44 thoughts on “Tiger stripes we either love them or hate them.

  1. Fingers crossed , very much needed , as I am 5 months pregnant and stretch marks start to appear 👌🏼🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀👌🏼


  2. No matter how hard I try I just can’t accept my stretch marks, I would love to try anything that could help lessen there appearance.


  3. My wife would love this, she has bad stretch marks from our 4 children and is really self conscious in the warmer weather which is hopefully on it’s way


  4. ive just had baby 4 and I now have stretch marks going both ways on my tummy…I didn’t even know that could happen! I would like to try and make them a little less visible


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