How important is it to protect our childrens teeth from acid erosion? with Pronamel for Children

Well todays blog is a hot topic for parents out their with children. We all know how important it is for our children to brush thier teeth for good oral health. What’s more , there has been lots in the media recently about poor dental hygiene in children and that our kids are consuming too much sugar. Having 3 children myself I find myself sometimes worried about the amount of sweet treats my children consume so I try to limit what I allow them to have.

But as parents are we missing something? Well for myself the answer is YES!

Acid Wear- or better known as acid erosion. I knew this affected adults and already purchase specialist toothpaste for us grown ups in the house but I had never considered acid erosion affecting my children’s teeth. It was only when I looked at some research conducted by Sensodyne Pronamel that became fully aware of the amount of damage everyday food and drink can do to children’s teeth. They have conducted recent research which shows that acid wear is a growing concern for UK dentists. As a parent I give my children fruit as a snack rather than sweets as its healthier for them but i never considered the risks of acid wear. So this reasearch has enlightened me and it is now something that have a better understanding about so I wanted to share with you all.

Here are some of the facts!


So my question was: what can I do to help protect my children’s teeth from acid wear? (Professor David Bartlett- Acid wear specialist and Dentist shares his top tips)

1. Limit the amount of acidic foods and
    drinks your child has in a day

2. Avoid brushing after eating

3. Nibble on a tiny bit of cheese or swill
    with water or milk after each meal

4. Use a glass and a straw and finish
    drinks quickly

5. Brush twice daily, everyday with a
     Fluoride toothpaste like Pronamel
     for children to help re-harden and
     strengthen tooth enamel to keep
     teeth healthy and strong

I find these tips extremely useful and it’s so important to protect children’s teeth as acid wear cannot be reversed.

Here is an acidometer so check out with ice foods are most acidic.


Pronamel® have designed a toothpaste For Children that protects against cavities and is specially formulated to strengthen tooth enamel and help protect children’s teeth from Acid Wear as well as tooth decay. It is suitable for children age 6 and over. So we are giving it a try with my eldest so who is 7.


Remember once it’s gone it’s gone for good- so protection really is the best policy!

If you want more information why not check out the Pronamel website:

Pronamel are hosting a Twitter Party on 9th February at 1pm Why not join in and spread awareness #Pronamel4Children There will be experts and other parents so let’s share tips and advice.


Cathy x




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