Bathtime fun with Tappy!


I suppose you could say I am a really lucky mum as all my children love bathtime, whereas some of my friends tell me their children resist bathtime. For myself personally, I have always found having a good routine including bathtime helps children settle more in the evening which helps with bedtime.

My boys are now 7 and 4 and both love to play with toys in their bath so when I saw Tappy from Quack innovations I knew it would make bathtime more exciting…


So I am reviewing Tappy for you today.

On receiving tappy in the post I was impressed with its design and structure. The bright colours make it attractive and the quality of the soft Neoprene material is superb. The boys couldn’t wait for bath time especially Toby my youngest son.


Tappy fits snuggly and securely on your bath taps. It is only recommended to be be used under full supervision and when tap is turned off. It was really easy to fit to the tap and has safety straps that keep it secure.

It has lots of fun features. The numbers on Tappy’s legs help your child to count, Toby loved counting with Tappy. Tappys mouth can be filled with water and it pours down through the legs, also when not on the tap she even turns into a puppet. My two have had lots of fun playing with Tappy and she is now a favourite addition at bathtime.


So Here are the thing that I as a parent love about Tappy.

– I love the adorable octopus design it has made bathtime extra fun.

–  It is made from soft neoprene which cushions the tap easily and can be attached to the hot tap. (TAP MUST BE TURNED OFF)

– It can fit all taps with its simple Velcro strap and is easy to attach and remove.

– It is designed for 6 months to 6 years so it’s suitable for babies too my little girl is 10 months and it’s great to know she is safe to play with this in the bath itself.

– I love the hand puppet feature and have made my children giggle playing with them. It really is a lot of fun. I would say it is more suitable for toddlers and young children so the age it is aimed at is ideal.

– Phthalate-free Mould-free which is so important with bath toys i think this is fabulous.Then whatsmore, it is machine washable at 40 degrees.

– It is easy to store as not bulking or plastic like some bath toys too.

So if your looking for something to brighten up bathtime that’s fun, playful and practical that is affordable then I would consider getting Tappy for your little ones.

Tappy is priced at £11.95
When purchased directly from the
Which includes free P&P

If you prefer to purchase from a local store Tappy is available at JoJo Maman Bébé, John Lewis and Tesco Direct.

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happy Bathtime

Cathy x

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