Our Family review on Toytopia in liverpool.


I just wanted to share with you all what a fabulous time our family had at The biggest toy fair in the uk with Toytopia!!

We arrived at the exhibition centre in liverpool just after lunch at Saturdays event. The atmosphere was welcoming and the staff were all really friendly. Having VIP tickets the boys were overjoyed with their goody bags which included lots of little freebies to keep them entertained once back at home.

The boys were really excited to dress up for the event and here they are dressed as Clark Kent and spiderman


Once inside there was so much to do. Jacob and Toby were very happy indeed as there was so much to enjoy.


The Lego pool went down a treat. Also there were some amazing lego models, my two boys were fascinated at the sheer size and build of some especially the Titanic model which was huge!!


Lego ships

Here are some more wonderful pictures from the day


Tractor time


Racing car


Beep beep

As you can see we had lots of fun. I even managed to pick up ideas for Christmas presents as the boys got to try out new toys they hadn’t yet seen. I was also able to purchase 2 items discounted for Christmas which was great.

Overall, as a family we found our day at Toytopia fun, exciting and entertaining. A well organised event with lots to do. The boys were exhausted that evening after such a busy day. They are already asking mummy when is the next Toytopia? Which shows what a fabulous experience they had. So fingers crossed for another event next year.

Thank you Toytopia

Cathy x


Join in on the Toytopia ticket dash happening live now!!!



Clues on twitter and Facebook now. TO WIN tickets and fantastic prizes join in the fun…..



I WILL announce the secret location at 6pm as will Toytopia!!!! (Wednesday 21.10.15)
IT’S 6pm

Get down to Circo at the Albert Dock now!!!!! 21.10.15

We are repeating again on Friday with a different location so happy hunting and good luck to everyone.

IT’S FRIDAY- Last location now revealed

12-pm today outside the Lego
Store, Liverpool One shopping centre, rock up for tickets, toys and balloons give away. GO,GO,GO!!!!

Don’t forget to check out my win with Toytopia post with competition. Why not book tickets to the event it will be a amazing day!!!

Relieve your aches and pains with the NatraCure Flexikold gel pack

Are you one of those people that has tried everything to relieve aches and muscular pains. If like me you try to avoid taking medication due to the many side effects then a Flexikold pack may help. The company NatraCure sent me a flexiKold half size gel pack to review.


The half size pack is small in size 7.5″ x 11.5″ so it is perfect for small areas that need targeting.(larger sizes are also available to purchase.)


Here is a pic of the Flexikold pack

My brother recently had a knee operation where he had lots of inflammation in the joints and muscles so he used the pack and was impressed with the results.

Features of the product

* Stays colder for Longer– due to its Proprietary gel.

* Durable– constructed of extra thick flexible nylon

* Flexibility– increased flexibility due to gel remaining pliable when frozen and easily conforms around parts of the body.

*Leak proof-:Double sealed gel pack to prevent leaks.

*Multiple uses- Helps relieve acute; chronic pain, muscle pain, arthritis, inflammation, and swelling.

I really like this gel pack as it is easily stored in the freezer and once you take it out to use it provides an instant cooling effect to the area. It easily moulds around body parts as my brother found with his knee. However, he thought it would be a great idea if it came with a strap to secure the pack in place which I think would be a great for areas such as knees ankles and wrists etc. I also like the fact that the pack doesn’t leave any reside on the skin after being frozen you would expect moisture on the skin but because of the great design there is none and the smooth material stays dry. Definitely a great product to have in the home for injuries, sprains, pain and lnflammed areas. I would recommend this and what’s more they are not expensive to buy and being washable and reusable are fantastic value for money.



Thanks for reading

Cathy x