Bath Time fun with Paddy’s Bathroom!

Today I want to tell you about the Fabulous bath time range for kids from Paddy’s Bathroom. I was lucky enough to be sent this lovely box of products to review and my little monkeys were so excited to try this range once we opened the box.


This range is specifically designed for babies and big kids too. My two boys Jacob 7 and Toby 3 especially love bath time, and with these products they have extra fun whilst getting squeaky clean. I also love that the Paddy’s range is mild and gentle to skin so it’s suitable for my baby daughter Amelie too. It also great to know that is Dermatologist and Paediatrician Approved.

What’s included in the Paddy’s Bathroom Range.


Bubbly Stuff bubble bath 400ml (r.r.p £5.99)

This bubble bath has a lovely delicate tangerine scent that smells clean and fresh. I was really surprised at how little you need to make lots of bubbles at bath time, like most kids my boys love to play with bubbles and are very happy with this as the bubbles are long lasting so make bath time more fun. I can see this pouch will last a long time due to its size and amount needed so it really is great value compared to some other brand bath ranges we’ve used which don’t last long at all.

Squirty Stuff Hair + Body Wash 200ml (r.r.p. £4.49)

This is now our favourite bath time product and I will definitely be purchasing more to keep my little monkeys happy. It comes in 2 luscious scents. – smells like juicy pineapples and smells like squishy Mangoes. Both smell really yummy! The bottle is practical and well designed, its easy for the kids to use themselves. You squeeze the bottle to release the rich foamy wash. My boys love the novelty of this foam as its different to other washes we’ve used and they find it great fun. Again a little goes a long way as its foams up so you get much more use. I also like the fact that no water leaks into the bottle due to its great design.


Toby enjoying bath Time!


 Foamy Stuff Hair + body mouse 200ml (r.r.p £4.50

This comes in the smells like rosy apples scent, leaves a lovely fresh sweet smell. It is very easy to use with the pump action and can be kept on the side of the bath. I find this a nice product to use on Amelie, as the foam is gentle on her skin and doesn’t leave any reside in her hair after washing.


Stuff for Shiny Hair Shampoo 250ml (r.r.p. £4.49)

This shampoo in smells like squeezy lemons does have a subtle lemon scent. This has a similar thick consistency to the bubble bath and you need a tiny amount to create a rich lather. It rinses really well and doesn’t leave any  heavy reside on the hair. After using this on the boys their hair is squeaky clean.


Stuff for hands Hand Wash 200ml (r.r.p £4.50)

This Hand wash comes in smells like squeaky clean lemons has a much stronger scent than the lemon shampoo. It is really practical and easy to use with the pump. The boys love this hand wash and don’t need reminding to wash hands after using the bathroom. Another really great product in the range.

So why choose Paddy’s Bathroom?

Well for my family these products are fantastic and have made bath time more fun and exciting for my little monkeys for sure. There are many benefits of these products as they are made with as much natural and organic stuff as possible and are kind and gentle on skin. They are suitable from birth except in preterm infants. Each product is Cleary labelled with its ingredients so you know what you using on your childs skin. What’s more they contain No SLS, Parabens, Phtalates, Sulphates or GMO ingredients. I know there will be some people that find the range expensive compared to other brands but I have found them to be outstanding value and long lasting so when I compare them to other well know brands they are well worth the money.

Finally, by buying Paddy’s Bathroom you are also supporting a great cause as for every product sold with the DelAgua logo $0.50 (or the UK equivalent) will be donated to the DelAgua’s Rwanda Programme which helps to fund the distribution of home water filters for free to Rwanda’s poorest households.

why not visit the Paddy’s Bathroom website for more information, meet paddy and play fun games

Paddy’s Bathroom is available at Boots, selected Tesco stores, Waitrose, Ocado and other retailers check the website for stockists.

Thanks for reading

Cathy x


Review of Beauty Boulevard – Red Glitter Lips (Ruby Slippers)

Lovely review Katie x


WP_20150708_06_11_05_ProThe name says it all. ‘Ruby Slippers’

Remember how sparkly Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers were from The Wizard Of Oz?

Well that’s how sparkly my lips are right now and I absolutely love them. Perfect excuse to do the trout pout on one billion trillion selfie’s and share them all on Instagram and Facebook. Watch the likes come rolling in and all your friends asking how they can get Glitter Lips too.

11698434_1468368880122463_8120118336960737432_n_editedThe packaging is fabulous, I know its boring talking about  packaging but it really is eye catching. The little heart at the bottom of box is cut out into a heart showing the beautiful Ruby Slippers red glitter. Very pretty 🙂

Inside the box:

❤ an applicator,

❤ a Glitter Lips gloss bond

❤ and the premium glitter shade ‘Ruby Slippers’.

There are many different shade’s to choose from at Glitter Lips By Beauty Boulevard and is £12.50 to buy.



11692745_1468368813455803_1069373533276363876_n_editedThere is approximately 25 applications per box…

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Feeling creative- PocketBag design competition

Before I tell you about this exciting competition I want to a little about the inspiring people behind the company running the competition Joe & Johns. Joe & Johns is a company that established to benefit under privileged children of India. Check out their heart warming story on their website

In a nutshell, there travels in India were eye opening as they saw less fortunate children in need. This was life changing for them and inspired the creation of Joe & Johns a company that designs and sells Pocketbags. I love their philosophy ‘to focus on solutions, not problems’ and truly think we could all learn more from this in all aspects of life. They believe that every child in the world should be entitled to an education as a basic human-right.

Liberate mood board

Liberate mood board

Their promise

For each Pocketbag that is purchased, a less fortunate child in India will receive a school-bag filled with the essentials they need for classroom learning. How fantastic is this! I think it would be great if this kind of work could expand further to benefit children worldwide in poverty in the future. Joe & johns work with charities and organisations in India in order to provide these children with the essentials they need to develop their learning.

Pocketbag design competition!_MG_5947

Win a free T-shirt and Pocketbag


Design a new Pocketbag print called “Liberate” for our Orange range.

Print method: We are using the method of screen printing for this Pocketbag, meaning you will need to use 3 block colours, without shading. This technique is often used in the design industry due to it’s high quality finish.

(winner drawn monthly)

Here is the template to download and send your entries via email to

visit on Twitter @joeandjohns

visit on Facebook


Need some inspiration look at PocketBag designs on the website

*Please note this competition is not on Review Genie Mum and is soley by Joe&Johns.

Good Luck supporting a great cause.

Cathy x

Bioskin- A Natural skin therapy from Salcura

Hello Everyone,

salcura_logoI am thrilled to be telling you about an excellent skincare range called Bioskin by Salcura. Salcura is a British Brand that specialise in natural skin therapy, they have a background in bio-medical research and science. As part of their philosophy Salcura are passionate about developing products that really work. Their products are high performing,skin kind and contain natural ingredients.

As you all already know I love skincare products and am a regular users of Palmer’s skincare range as it works for me and gives me super soft skin.  However, like everyone I still have problem areas from time to time especially as being a nurse I am constantly hand washing which causes me to get sore dry areas. So when offered by Salcura to try this range I was delighted. The Bioskin Range is specially formulated to nourish, soothe and moisturise and is suitable for skin prone to Eczema & Psoriasis.

Zeoderm- 99% Natural Origin


Bioskin Zeoderm Moisturiser is a natural skin therapy for those prone to severe cases of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, urticaria and dry skin conditions.

Its retails at r.r.p  £9.99 (50ml) or £19.99 (150ml)

What is great about this product is that it is totally steroid free and contains no harsh chemicals which can cause further skin irritation. I have found this product to be an exceptional barrier cream for those prone areas. I have seen a dramatic improvement in the dryness on my hands and my knuckles are no longer red with irritation. It has also helped banish my dry spots on other areas. I have been using now for over 2 weeks and a little does go a long way. I also find that it is easily absorbed into the skin although it does feel a little greasy on application. It has a very subtle mild smell, that is fresh and not overpowering like some creams. The product is suitable for use on body and face and is recommended to be used from age 12 +.

If your looking for a product that gives you intensive hydration and have skin conditions this may well be the answer your looking for. An exceptional product with endless benefits including: can be applied as frequently as required (unlike steroids), it is suitable for use in pregnancy, can be used on sensitive areas like the face, contains Linseed to reduce inflammation and redness and Borage to retain skin moisture.

Bioskin Body Cleanser- 97% Natural Origin


I have also been able to try out the body cleanser which is a gentle cleanser with soothing effect on the skin. It is packed full of Omega oils and doesn’t dry out your skin.

It retails at r.r.rp £12.99 (300ml)

I love the smell of this it has a slight sweet smell that reminds me of a lemon meringue pie but again the smell is subtle and not overpowering. It is a yellow, creamy, thick cleanser and only requires a small amount per use. I know some of you may think this is expensive for a cleanser but its benefits make it great value and by using its a good preventative measure to stop skin drying out.

Remember The Bioskin range is totally free from:

  • Artificial Fragrance
  • Lanolin
  • paraffin
  • steroids
  • SLS (Sodium laureth sulphate)
  • Parabens

Salcura products are available to be shipped worldwide and have benefited thousands of customers so far. It is a brand  that is widely available in leading pharmacies and some health food stores.

why not visit the website

visit on twitter @Salcura

visit on facebook

Thanks to Salcura I have a competition on my facebook page

to win a Bioskin Body cleanser worth £12.99. T&C’s apply.

Good Luck

Cathy x


Beauty Treatment For Your Jewellery with Connoisseurs.

Is your Jewellery looking tired and dull? Well if your looking for a simple way to bring back that sparkle and make your diamonds dazzle, I have the found some products your going to love. If you would like a quick, easy and simple way to bring your Jewellery back to life without expensive trips to a specialist  jewellery cleaner then this article is for you. The company Connoisseurs Jewellery Care UK kindly sent me some products from their range to review and share with you all. If your not already aware Connoisseurs are a world leader that specialise in jewellery & silver beauty care essentials. They are renowned for their product innovation and passion for quality, What’s more professional jewellers have been using their products for generations so this is reassuring and their products are sold worldwide enabling individuals to get professional results in the home too.

These are the products I received and have tried and tested.


Firstly, I decided to try the Jewellery wipes which offer a quick beauty treatment for gold and silver jewellery. These are great little wipes, they come in a small box and contain 25 wipes so great value. I found these wipes perfect for cleaning my Pandora bangle as it had become dull with constant wear and needed some attention. A quick gentle rub with the wipe as if your polishing is all that’s needed and you will see the dirt and tarnish is removed effortlessly, and the results are immediate. However, I would like to point out not rub excessively as this can leave a residue on your hands and on your jewellery. If this occurs just wash hands with soap and water and use a damp soft cloth to wipe the Jewellery.

Seeing the Results:

The picture on the left is of my Pandora Bangle before cleaning as you can see it looks discolored and lacks shine. Whilst in the picture on the right you can see the exceptional results after using the Jewellery wipe. An Amazing shine and the discoloration is gone.


So as you can see these products really do work with minimal effort. I am mostly impressed with the Jewellery cleaner solution as I used this to clean my engagement ring. The tub has an incorporated dip tray and brush inside which you place your jewellery in for 30 seconds, then use the brush to lightly scrub, then rinse. Once I had followed this process I used the super soft polishing cloth to buff. I also love the Diamond Dazzle Stik  you just apply by painting on the solution with the brush then rinse and dry, this restored the shine on my diamond ring but can also be used on other precious stones.

20150812_223055-1 20150812_223041-1

Overall, I am most certainly impressed with the impeccable results and have had complements on my engagement ring since cleaning. In my opinion The Connoisseurs jewellery cleaning range is superb quality and a great value range that offers a simple way to professionally transform your tired jewellery. It really is a beauty treatment for your precious jewels. I would most definitely recommend the Connoisseur range.

For more information visit-

Find your nearest stockist here-

Visit them on twitter- @UK_Connoisseurs

Thanks for reading

Cathy x


Amazing 3D Fibre Lashes with Face Paint Live!

Today I want to tell you about a product that is every girls beauty secret to fabulous long lashes, without having to apply false lashes so no sticky glue or struggling with application anymore. I have been given
the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes from a company called Face Paint Live, They are based in the U.S.A and specialise in the sale of younique products and whatsmore they ship to U.K and worldwide.

The product comes in a very stylish compact case as seen in the picture.


What’s included:
1 x Moodstruck Transplanting Gel
1 x Moodstruck Natural Fibers

The product comes with full instructions for use and is so easy to apply. It is just like applying normal mascara. Firstly, you take the wand with the transplanting gel and apply to lashes as if applying mascara. Then before the gel sets apply a coat of the Fiber Lashes and instantly your left with fuller, longer eyelashes. It is really that simple to apply.

Here is a picture of me with my normal mascara. Before applying the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.


Now look at the results after application of the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes.


As you can see the results are instant. If your looking to dramatize your lashes without the need for false lashes this is a product for you. It really does give great results adding thickness and volume and looks very natural, with no clumping like some mascaras do.

I absolutely love this product from younique and would definitely recommend as a must have for every make up bag. It is great Value to as it retails at £23.00 on the FacePaintlive website. So it’s even cheaper than some mascaras that are no where near as effective.

Visit today and get yours you will be amazed with the results.

Take a look at FacePaintLive (@FacePaintLive):

Look forward to hearing what you think

Cathy x

Protect yourself with The RAC02 CarCam From Proofcam.

Hello Everyone,

I have recently received an excellent piece of kit, The RAC02 CarCam with GPS courtesy of ProofCam to review. For those of you that aren’t aware of ProofCam, they are a specialist company that sell in Car safety cameras.  Before receiving this piece of kit I had thought about getting one for the protection of my family when on the road. So I am delighted to be reviewing this product and sharing it with you.

Here you can see a picture of the box the RAC02  Carcam is the Version with GPS.

rac02Included in the box is:

– RAC02 GPS Digital CarCam

– Mounting braket

– GPS module cable

– Cigar Lighter Power Adaptor

– USB Cable

– 8Gb micro SD memory card

This camera retails at r.r.p. £149.99

On opening the box, everything included was neatly wrapped separately. I really liked the set up of The user manual as it was really clear to understand and gave picture examples. So even for those of us that are not too tech savvy it was easy to comprehend.

The Camera unit itself is a very impressively compact device, I love the design and how simple it is to access the functions using the buttons at the bottom of the camera as seen in the photos below.


The RAC02 CarCam has a Lithium ion battery which can be charged using the USB cable provided, you simply connect to your computer and it takes approx. 1 hour to charge. However it is important to note that the Rac02 CarCam is designed to be used with the charger in the car (12v socket) as the battery has very limited power without. Setting up the camera takes a matter of a few minutes and the GPS is picked up within a few seconds. Another feature that’s great is that it automatically comes on when you start the ignition and also turns itself off when you switch off your engine (This works when the Cigar Power Adapter is connected). An Amazing feature is that it allows you to take still images so if you are involved in a collision you can take pictures at the scene which could be vital evidence.

So I thought I would share some footage with you of me driving during the day in peak traffic. Please note if the video is jumpy it is the pot holes in the road that I have gone over. I think when watching the video back the recording quality is superb from this clever little device.

Take a look and see what you think.

So I bet your thinking what are the benefits of having a CarCam? Well, let me tell you there are lots of benefits of using such a device. For myself as a busy mum it gives me peace of mind that if an accident occurs I will have evidence of the unfortunate event and how it occurred. This information can then be downloaded and forwarded to the police and the insurance company. Also their is a potential to save money as some insurance companies offer driver discounts where CarCam is in use. So by having this device you could be not only saving money but also benefit by proving you were not at fault in a no fault collision which will help to keep your no claims intact.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the RAC02 CarCam GPS, if your looking to purchase such device this model is one to consider. Unfortunately, we live in a world where Scam car crashes seem to be on the increase. So why not protect yourself and your family from extra expense.

For more information visit the ProofCam website –

Visit them on Facebook –

Follow them on Twitter –

Happy Driving, stay safe

Cathy x