Fan-Tastic from Xpelair ‘The 18″ Circulator Fan’

I have recently been sent an 18″ circulator Fan from Xpelair which is great for those really hot summer days. Not that we have had many yet but we can live in hope. However, on a more serious note lets talk about Xpelair and their fabulous product.

The company Xpelair are a leading company that develop and manufacture ventilation products. It is a professional trusted brand which is sold internationally and is recognised worldwide as a reputable ventilation company.

The Fan featured in this review is the 18″ Circulator Fan from Xpelair’s Classic range. In their Classic Fan range they offer 3 models which are suitable for use in the home, office or even larger areas. These models include:

  • the 12″ Desk Fan20150726_164713-1
  • the 16″ Pedestal Fan
  • the  18″ Circulator Fan.

My first impressions of this fan were that it is very stylish. As you can see in the picture it has a lovely chrome finish and is modern in design. The size of this model is ideal for larger areas and households.

The chrome finish of the unit makes this fan more attractive and appealing. The Xpelair logo displays on the central display. A Fantastic feature which I love is the chrome safety grill, as the grill holes are small so minimises the risk of any accidents when the kids are around (However, adult supervision is recommended when fan is in use).

Operating this Fan is very simple once plugged in there is a dial on the back of the unit with three speed settings. Once turned on the 3 impeller blades effectively deliver airflow efficiency immediately. I have to say this is a very powerful, capable piece of equipment and is well engineered.

For a larger Fan Its great design makes it practical for use in the home as it is slim enough to store away when in the upright position.

The dimensions are as follows: 545mm (Height) x 540mm (Width) x 250mm (Diameter).

20150726_164746-1 (1)

This model also has an adjustable tilt feature which is perfect for ensuring efficient airflow in the direction you need. The base is sturdy and safe and holds the main unit securely. I have not found anything negative to say about this product although, I will mention that it can create some noise due to its power when in operation as do all fans of course!!!

Overall, I love this Fan and its features, so if you are looking to make a purchase of a new Fan this summer then consider buying one from Xpelair. I sincerely think you will not be disappointed. As I am made up with mine.

If your looking for superb quality at an affordable price then why not visit their website


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Cathy x


Super Budget smart phone

Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo Pay as you go Handset In Black

I recently purchased this item for my son for his birthday after doing some research into cheaper smartphones as i didn’t want to spend a fortune. This models RRP is £75. I was able to purchase from Amazon for £60. So got a bargain.

This specfic model runs on:20150717_123130

  • Android Kitkat
  • is 4G ready
  • Has an impressive 4.5 inch touch screen
  • 5 megapixel camera which is more than sufficient
  • 4GB expandable memory with the use of a memory card if purchased separately.

As you can see in the picture this android phone comes with pre-loaded apps as standard. The screen quality is superb for its low price. The camera is takes good quality snaps.

This model has several qualities and features which i love including:

  • fast easy internet assess,
  • downloading apps is quick and simple from the google play store
  • Bulit in battery saver
  • Flashlight
  • voice search

There are obviously some negatives to this device which include:

  • Battery life isn’t great
  • There doesn’t appear to be a shortcut to shutdown running apps so this eats battery power.

Overall, i feel the negatives of this device are massively outweighed by its qualities and for a budget smart phone it is more than capable on performance. If you are looking for a smart phone that wont cost £100’s then this is seriously one to consider and not rule out. My son is very happy and finds it easy to use so i am delighted with the purchase.

Many Thanks for reading

Cathy x

Hoover Steamjet steam mop

Hoover SteamJet Dual Head SSN1700 Steam Mop


I was recently given the chance to review The Hoover Steamjet Dual Head steam mop By This model comes with 2 microfibre pad cloths so you can use one and wash one. I like that this steam mop is able to kill 99% of germs and bacteria. it also has a handy triangular brush head which comes away from the base for reaching into corners and scrubbing stubborn areas. The mop does leave the floor a little wet after using but that dries within minutes. suitable for most types of flooring including tiles, wooden floor, vinyl.

if you are considering buying a steam mop this model is really good and gives results.

Here is my video review of this product:

Hoover SteamJet Dual Head SSN1700 Steam Mop:

Great product would recommend.

For coffee lovers

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee❤

I was recently able to try some amazing filter coffee courtesy of The Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company. I won this in one of their Facebook competitions. I was sent three different varieties.

  • Kenya -light medium roast
  • Java -medium dark roast
  • Columbian -medium roast

The coffee I am reviewing today which is my favourite is the Columbian roast. It comes perfectly sealed in gold packaging and is air sealed for freshness. The bag has 227g (8oz) in so is of standard size for filter coffee. If your a coffee lover like myself then quality is important. Let me tell you this does not disappoint. It has a distinctive rich aroma which smells divine whilst it is brewing in the cafetiere. It tastes as delicious as it smells too. This is a great morning coffee as it’s medium strength just what I need to wake me up in the morning with having a 3 little ones. It is a luxury.


I wanted to share this great value product with yourselves as wouldn’t want you to miss out. why not visit the Facebook page

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